Marcas Portuguesas
do Estado Novo ao Virar
do Milénio Catalogue


Sapatilhas: Marcas Portuguesas
do Estado Novo ao Virar do Milénio Catalogue

Casa do Design Matosinhos

Visual Identity / Editorial


Given the importance of creating a visual identity that could encompass such a vast spectrum of industry developments, we worked in direct collaboration with the exhibition's curator, Pedro Carvalho de Almeida, to conceive an identity that is both captivating and historically relevant.

We began by delving into the specific timeframe that the curator wished to focus on - the 1980s. This period was significant as it marked an era of rapid political, economic, and cultural changes in Portugal.

This shift was deeply felt in the Portuguese sneaker industry, as the market was suddenly forced to compete with international brands that held a much larger market share. Many brands were compelled to reinvent themselves or even appropriate other identities to stay competitive, leading to a chaotic and transitional period in the industry's history.

The visual identity of the exhibition seeks to capture this moment of change and reflect the evolution of Portuguese sneaker brands as they adapted to the demands of the international market. Drawing inspiration from the collection of over 500 pairs of sneakers that served as the backbone of the exhibition, we embarked on an exploration of the archive, analyzing everything from advertising campaigns to packaging design, old documents, and even the sneakers themselves.

With this in mind, the catalog was designed as a physical and enduring representation of the exhibition.

  1. Design

    Pedro Lobo, Susana Martins

  2. Organised by

    Matosinhos City Council
    esad—idea, Research in Design and Art

  3. Curator

    Pedro Carvalho de Almeida

  4. General coordination

    Diogo Vilar

  5. Production management

    Sofia Meira

  6. Copy editing, proofreading, translation

    Andreia Faria

  7. Photography

    Luís Espinheira, Fernando Miranda

  8. Printing

    Gráfica Maiadouro