Ciclo Habitação


Cilco Habitação

Filmes Gerador/Pedro Gavina Maia

Visual Identity 


Ciclo Habitação took place from June 22nd to August 24th, featuring weekly film sessions every Thursday in both Porto and Lisbon. Each session took place in a different local space, granting us a unique opportunity to connect with local communities and grasp the extensive impact of the housing crisis.

It was not only about watching films, the cycle served as a platform for critical reflection and dialogue about housing.

I was very happy to accept the invitation from Pedro Maia @gavinamaia and Filmes do Gerador @filmesdogerador to design the visual identity for this amazing project. Pedro brought together a diverse group of collaborators who shared a deep passion for the initiative and a genuine commitment for the project. I was privileged enough to be part of this team.

Both Porto and Lisbon have undergone rapid transformations with escalating rents, gentrification, and a lack of protective policies for local residents. Ciclo Habitação became a platform for us to engage with these challenges while enjoying exceptional films. It was a truly enriching experience and a reminder of the significance to create spaces for such essential discussions.

  1. Design

    Pedro Lobo

  2. Organised and Produced by

    Filmes do Gerador

  3. Curator

    Pedro Gavina Maia

  4. Production Assistance

    Sara Martins, Diana Pinto, Rui Santos, Francisco Oliveira

  5. Venues

    Antigo Cinema Charlot
    Armazém Pedreira
    Associação de Moradores da Bouça
    Associação de Moradores da Lomba
    Canal 180
    Carpintarias de S.Lazaro
    Centro Comercial de Cedofeita
    Cinema Trindade
    Cooperativa do Povo Portuense
    Cosmos Campolide
    Espaço AL 859
    Galeria Comercial Mota Galiza
    Galeria Zé dos Bois