Ciclo Habitação


Dialogue Scarf

Sofia Noronha



Dialogue Scarf is a project born in collaboration with Sofia Noronha Inspired by the Surrealist game ‘cadavre exquis’. This project transforms our conversations into tangible, warm threads — scarves — through an attempt to symbolize the importance of maintaining a dialogue.

While suspending personal biases and fostering a shared exploration of meanings, we designed a space where ideas seamlessly flow from one to another. It goes beyond the mere exchange of opinions or winning arguments on a ‘battlefield’; it aspires to find answers that are not individually chosen but collectively discovered. These scarves, then, become more than wearable garments. Through this creative process, they simulate the act of sustaining a dialogue — a shared journey of appreciation and listening, where collective thought can unfold organically.

  1. Art Direction and Graphic Design

    Pedro Lobo & Sofia Noronha

  2. Photography and Production:

    Patrícia Afonso, João Monteiro, Estúdio Mutante

  3. Models

    João Queirós, Susana Costa

  4. Make-up

    Clara Marabuto

  5. Production Assistant

    Margarida Lemos

  6. Venue

    O.Estúdio Bonfim