Our Project


Our Project
Research / Video Installation / Performance


Our Project tells the story behind Our Book: Florbela Espanca Selected Poems. Appearing in 2018, it is one of the first English translations of the highly influential 20th century Portuguese poet’s passionate sonnets. Through a multidisciplinary collaboration between design researcher, composer and percussionist, the book’s provenance is explored, revealing a loving chain of happenstance including Fluxus founder George Maciunas, his long-time partner Billie J Maciunas and filmmaker Jonas Mekas, among others. Challenging the limitations of goal-oriented, market-predefined types of design, Our Project is a reflection on the creative process as a journey that is open to risk or even chance.

  1. Design, Research

    Pedro Lobo

  2. Composer

    Nuno Lobo

  3. Performer

    Agostinho Sequeira

  4. Photography

    Gigi Totaro