The Food Cosmos


The Food Cosmos

Netherlands Food Parternship

Research / Podcast / Web Design


The complexity of the global hunger problem can be so overwhelming that we tend to reach for digestible sound bites and linear analyses that offer only a temporary handle on the systemic issue. In other words, it is not only a hunger problem, but a problem of knowledge and communication tools.

The Food Cosmos explores how we talk about and make sense of hunger by making the experience of listening more visual and interactive, and drawing attention to the sources. Six podcasts comprise audio collages of interviews, advertisements, pop culture videos, songs and sound effects drawn from different perspectives and multiple voices. The listener is given the agency to choose their own navigation rather than rely on a single linear authority, drawing attention to how these choices affect understanding. Nadine Botha

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  1. Design, Research, Podcast
    Anna Perugini, John Carrilo,
    Louisa Wolf, Pedro Lobo

  2. Contributors

    Barbara Codispoti (Specialist on Land Rights)
    Julia Sauter, Serge (Buzuruna Juzuruna)

  3. Coding

    Rowan Kingston

  4. Exhibition

    Zero Hunger, Zero Power | Dutch Design Week